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CP 22A Notice of Tax Return Changes

Receiving a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a cause for alarm. However, some notices may be confusing for taxpayers to understand what the notice means and what action to take. A CP22A notice from the IRS is to inform the taxpayer that their tax return was changed by the IRS and the taxpayer owes as a result of the changes. 

If you receive a CP22A notice from the IRS, contact your reliable tax attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be able to answer your questions and advise you of all your options. In Maryland, contact Juda Gabaie at Gabaie & Associates, LLC for help. 

What is an IRS Notice CP22A? 

According to the IRS, a CP22A notice is where the taxpayer provided information that resulted in changes to the tax return. As a result of the changes, the taxpayer owes additional taxes for the year. 

A CP22A notice generally provides, “Based on the information you provided, we changed your (tax year) Form 1040 to correct…” 

If you do not recall sending any changes to the IRS, you may call the IRS at the number on the form, mention the CP22A notice, and review your account. 

After Getting a CP22A Notice in the Mail 

After getting the notice of tax owed, you may be required to make a payment. If you can make the full payment, that should close the issue. It may still be a good idea to go through your tax attorney before making the payment or to follow up on any other outstanding tax issues. 

Failure to make the tax payment assessed may result in interest and tax penalties. 

If you agree with the changes and the amount of taxes owed but cannot make a payment in full, you may be able to make arrangements for a payment plan. Payment plan options may include: 

Alternatively, your tax attorney may be able to negotiate an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise is a settlement agreement with the IRS to reduce your tax payment. This may allow a taxpayer to settle their tax liability by paying less than the total amount of total tax debt.

You Never Sent Changes or Disagree With the Assessment

If you did not provide any changes to the IRS or do not agree with the changes made, there may have been a mistake or someone else could have provided changes on your behalf. Contact your tax attorney to challenge any incorrect assessments and make sure to avoid any penalties or liens or levies made for unpaid taxes. 

Additional Changes for the Tax Year

There may be additional changes to be made on the tax year. Generally, to make changes to a filed tax return requires filing a Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Talk to your tax professional or reliable tax attorney about any changes to your tax return and how it may affect your tax liability. 

Questions About Your IRS Notice for Maryland Tax Lawyer 

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