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An IRS tax problem is daunting and scary, especially if you have never previously dealt with an IRS tax issue. There is help, but it is not from the place you would have imagined it to be. The IRS is unhelpful and formulaic in its response to your questions and concerns. It has no intention of working in your favor, but every intention to intimidate you and to take your money.

Juda Gabaie, a resourceful tax attorney with a local office conveniently located in Columbia, Maryland. We are located in the heart of Howard County. Juda's experience has taught him that building a good relationship with the IRS agent assigned to your case, coupled with an aggressive, smart strategy, is the key to positive outcomes for his clients. But too often, citizens make the mistake believing they can either hide from the IRS or persuade the IRS on their own. If you are or were one of these people, you are probably reading this because you know the latter is not true. Contact Juda Gabaie today to discuss the unique circumstances of your tax case. The sooner you do, the sooner you will benefit from a solution to your IRS issue.

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It will come as some relief to you that a creative approach and strategy may be what you need to solve your IRS tax problem. Tax attorney Juda Gabaie and his legal team have the requisite experience, insight, and knowledge to develop creative tax solutions. He currently helps clients in the following areas:

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If you have an issue pending with the IRS, you need legal advice and a creative solution now, not tomorrow. Tax attorney Juda Gabaie is known for his ingenuity, integrity, and thoughtful approaches to tax matters. He tackles each case from a holistic, comprehensive point of view. For a free consultation, contact him today online or at 443.345.8291.

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