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Case Results

  • Taxpayer Received IRS Notice CP2000 for Cancellation of Debt

    October 2018

    Taxpayer, an individual was surprised to come home and receive an IRS notice for $200k+ Taxpayer engaged our office to represent him  before the IRS. Juda Gabaie Esq. researched the CP2000 along with various documents provided by taxpayer. After an exhaustive analysis and research of taxpayer's m... Read On

  • IRS Assessed Penalties and Interest In Excess of $3 Million Dollars.

    Client, a multi national corporation was assessed by the IRS for penalties in excess of $3 million dollars.  Read On

  • IRS Employment Taxes (940,941) in excess of $1 million dollars...

    Client has a successful business, but was not compliant in paying employment taxes to the IRS for many years. Finally, the IRS caught up and began taking enforcement action.  Client reached out and we were able to avoid further enforcement action by the IRS. After a successful application and ne... Read On

  • Maryland Resident or Non-Resident?

    Client received notices of tax assessment from the Comptroller of MD for multiple years. Client indicated that he did not live in the state of Maryland for those years. After appealing the assessment, the hearing officer held that my client was a Maryland resident. My client appealed the decision... Read On

  • Release of IRS Wage Levy & Garnishment

    Client had outstanding tax liability for employment taxes in excess of $750,000. IRS took levy and garnishment enforcement action which led to seizure of bank accounts, account receivables, and wages. IRS revenue officer would not release the levies and garnishments because of clients consistent... Read On

  • IRS claimed client owed in excess of $70,000

    Client did not file taxes for many years. This led the IRS and Comptroller of MD to file substitute returns for many years for my client. After meeting with Juda, client and attorney created a strategy to resolve tax issues. A successful audit reconsideration was submitted to the IRS, not only cl... Read On

  • IRS Offer In Compromise

    Client owed in excess of $130,000 to the IRS for outstanding tax liabilities for many years. After a thorough application sent to the IRS to settle tax liability, we were able to negotiate with the IRS to settle debt for $18.  Read On

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