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  • Don't Ignore Back Taxes. There Is A Solution To Your Tax Liability.

    Every day American taxpayers are threatened by the IRS or State Tax Agency for delinquent returns and payments. If you have received a notice of an IRS or State audit or have received threatening notices from the IRS, it is important to act quickly to avoid levies and garnishments on your wages and bank accounts. Let the experts help you with prompt tax resolution services.

  • Got IRS Problems? Every Tax Problem Has A Resolution

    The IRS’ stringent stance on unfiled tax returns leaves individuals to be subjected to aggressively enforced collections. To alleviate the risk of exposure to such penalties, we’ll help you stay on top of your taxes by utilizing a broad span of suitable tax resolution methods.

  • Are Taxes Holding You Back From Moving Forward in Life?

    The stress that comes with owing taxes or dealing with other tax related problems tends to loom over the heads and lives of our clients, hindering them from progression. Let us help you get out of this stagnant position so you may ultimately put tax issues behind you.

With the help of the attorneys at Gabaie & Associates, LLC, you won't have to face the United States Government or the State of Maryland alone.

The penalties imposed by the IRS will be detrimental to you individually and to your business. With your financial health and freedom (in cases that warrant the potential imposition of criminal actions) at stake, you need counsel that is knowledgeable and experienced in tax representation to mitigate the inherit technicalities that accompany the tax resolution and settlement process. The professionals at our firm are well-versed in state and federal tax laws and can provide a repertoire of customized tax resolution methods for your respective tax issues.

Supplementary to these services, our attorneys make substantial efforts to understand your needs and the needs of your business to better craft an effective tax plan. Due to the intricacy of tax planning, it's not difficult to lose sight of the goals of your business. This is why we desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of each of our client's businesses - large-scale and small-scale - to help guide our clients in the direction they wish to go. Furthermore, our experience enables us to provide high-quality tax resolution services on a basis that is both cost-effective and valuable.

Are you facing a tax liability?

Is the IRS or State sending you notices for unpaid taxes? Let the experts help you in resolving your tax liability. In doing so, we guarantee that your first consultation with us is free.

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