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Tax problems are nothing to shrug off. You need to get in front of it before it becomes more than a problem. At Gabaie & Associates, LLC, we solve tax problems. IRS and state tax defense attorney Juda Gabaie is committed to resolving tax disputes before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing agencies for clients throughout the country. He has saved his clients' stress, time, and millions of dollars in back taxes.

With tax problems now solved, Gabaie's former clients can move forward with their lives. Tax attorney Juda Gabaie, conveniently located in Annapolis, Rockville, Frederick, Columbia and Baltimore, Maryland, understands the considerable amount of stress tax problems can cause and offers his legal representation so that you no longer have to worry about it.

Tax Problems Areas of Representation

IRS and state tax attorney Juda Gabaie helps clients with their tax problems. Problems often involve but are not exclusive to any of the below matters:

  • Wage garnishments, including IRS wage levies and Maryland salary lien
  • IRS bank levy
  • An incorrect or otherwise disputed tax bill
  • Federal employees and contractor matters, especially the possibility of termination due to unpaid taxes
  • Interests and penalties, including appealing penalties, and
  • Federal and state tax fraud.

Why Hire a Tax Attorney for Your Tax Problems

If you are having problems with the IRS or a state tax agency, you want to hire a tax attorney and not a CPA or other tax preparer. First and foremost, retaining a tax lawyer provides the benefit of attorney-client privilege. Attorney-client privilege gives you the space to candidly discuss and solve your problems with a person experienced in tax law and adept in a wide range of complex tax issues. Also, unlike a CPA or tax preparer, having attorney-client privilege means your attorney is exempt from testifying against you if your matter goes to trial while a CPA or tax preparer can be made to testify against you. Further, an experienced tax lawyer has experience negotiating tax settlement, unlike a CPA who may have some but limited experience with tax settlement programs.

Tax law is complex and multifaceted. It can also change on an annual basis. Getting the wrong advice from a CPA or tax preparer can be costly and lead to penalties not exclusive of steep fees but include jail time. You want a tax attorney who will strategically communicate with the IRS or state tax agency on your behalf. You want a tax attorney who will provide real relief from your tax problems. You want Gabaie & Associates, LLC. Contact us today at 443.345.8291 for a consultation at one of our convenient locations.

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