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If you are a Maryland taxpayer with unpaid tax liabilities you may be at risk of losing your state-issued license(s) and registration. The state has the authority to place a hold on Maryland driver's licenses that are a necessary part of your everyday life as a way to compel you to pay the taxes that you owe. Losing the ability to drive or operate your business - even temporarily - can make your life difficult.

Maryland tax attorney Juda Gabaie can help you negotiate an agreement with the Comptroller's Office to get your licenses back. Call today to request a free consultation and learn more.

Motor Vehicle Suspensions

The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) works closely with the Comptroller's Office and has the authority to prevent delinquent taxpayers from renewing their driver's license and/or vehicle registration. The MVA can suspend the renewal of your license and registration until you have taken affirmative steps to make payments on your overdue tax bill. You do not necessarily have to pay your delinquent tax bill in full to get your driving privileges back. The Comptroller's Office can instruct the MVA to renew your license when you have an agreement to pay at least some of your back taxes.

Business & Professional License Suspensions

If you operate a business or hold a professional license that is issued by a Maryland state organization/agency, an unpaid tax liability could affect your ability to work. The Comptroller's office can place a hold on a taxpayer's business license until tax debts have been resolved.

Organizations that issue professional licenses in the state (e.g., attorney, physician, nursing, realtor) are required to submit a list of candidates up for renewal to the Comptroller's Office. The state then determines if any applicants have an unpaid tax liability. The issuing-organization can be instructed to put a hold on the renewal of a professional license until the tax issue has been resolved with the state.

What Can I Do to Remove a Hold on My License?

You should be notified by mail or email when the Comptroller's Office decides to place a hold on one or more of your state-issued licenses. It is important to speak with an experienced Maryland tax attorney as soon as you receive this notice. The state will not agree to release the hold on your license(s) until you have taken steps to resolve your tax liabilities.

If you do not agree with the license hold, or think it has been placed in error, we will contest the state's decision and fight to remove the penalty. If you do have an unpaid tax bill, we can help to devise a payment strategy that will satisfy the Comptroller's Office and convince them to remove the hold(s). The state does not necessarily require you to pay your tax debt in full before they will release the hold. We can help to create an installment plan or offer in compromise that works for you.

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Your life can be turned upside-down when the state places a hold on your driver's license, business license, and/or professional license. Losing the privileges granted by these licenses can make it extremely difficult to travel, work, and live your normal life. If a hold has been placed on one of your Maryland licenses do not hesitate to contact the tax attorneys at Gabaie & Associates, LLC for help. Do not wait until your license is up for renewal - it is important to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Maryland tax attorneys.

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