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Wrong Tax Bill in Maryland

If the IRS believes that you have an unpaid tax liability it will send you a bill. This bill will outline the amount you owe and demand payment within a very short period of time. There are times when the IRS will make a mistake and either (a) send you the wrong tax bill or (b) calculate your tax liability incorrectly. If you believe that the IRS has made a mistake, you have the right to appeal your bill. The appeals process can be complicated, so it is a good idea to consult with an experienced Maryland tax attorney. Call Gabaie & Associates, LLC to find out how we can help you resolve your tax dispute.

Why is My Tax Bill Wrong?

The IRS is not perfect. While it will strive to calculate your taxes correctly, there are times when the agency will make errors. In fact, the IRS admits to making approximately 2 million calculation errors each year.

Many of these errors are the result of simple calculation mistakes concerning the application of interest, penalties, and fees. Other errors have to do with deductions and tax liabilities that have already been paid in full. If you recognize an error in your tax bill it is important to seek legal assistance immediately.

What Should I Do If My Tax Bill is Wrong?

If you receive a tax bill from the IRS it is important to act quickly. The IRS will aggressively pursue any unpaid taxes that it believes you may owe. Failure to pay your taxes can result in hefty penalties and fines. In some cases, the IRS may even place a lien on or levy your personal property. This is true even if your tax bill is wrong. The government will continue to seek repayment until you can prove that a bill has been issued in error. You must take immediate action and contact the IRS to dispute your bill.

How Can I Dispute My Tax Bill?

You have the right to dispute any tax bill that you receive from the IRS. When your bill is wrong because of a math error, the first step a dispute is sending a letter to the agency. Your tax bill should have an address for correspondence. This letter should include:

  1. A detailed explanation of why you believe the bill to be in error; and
  2. Documents, including copies of pay stubs, receipts, and/or prior agreements with the agency, to support your dispute.

The agency will review your dispute and make a decision regarding your bill. If the agency disagrees with your dispute it will send you a notice in writing, accompanied by a letter outlining your right to appeal their decision. The appeals process proceeds in front of the Office of Appeals, which is an independent organization tasked with resolving disputes between taxpayers and the agency.

Get Help Disputing Your Incorrect Tax Bill

Have you received an incorrect tax bill from the IRS? If you do not address the problem immediately you may be on the hook for unnecessary and burdensome penalties, interest, and fees. Hiring an attorney to handle your dispute with the IRS will help to ensure that the matter is resolved quickly and correctly. Call Maryland tax attorney Juda Gabaie to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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