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IRS Assessed Penalties and Interest In Excess of $3 Million Dollars.

Client, a multi national corporation was assessed by the IRS for penalties in excess of $3 million dollars. CEO of company was mostly focus on making the company grow and was not aware of tax problems. These tax problems was a major threat to my client's business as he relied on credit and reputation among his vendors. We found that my client's accountant did not file required IRS forms or inform my client of various tax problems. 

CEO of company reached out to my office to fix all the companies tax problems. After researching clients IRS problems, it was determined that client may qualify for a penalty abatement. An application along with various documents were sent to the IRS requesting for an immediate abatement of all penalties and to cease all enforcement action while this case is being reconsidered. 

IRS reconsidered the case and found that my client qualified for full abatement of all penalties and interest.

It is imperative to hire a tax attorney who is knowledgeable in the tax field and can defend your rights as a taxpayer. 

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Juda Gabaie

Juda Gabaie Esq. has dedicated his career in defending clients nationwide to resolve tax disputes before the Internal Revenue Service and the state taxing agencies. Juda has represented clients before the US Tax Court, Maryland Tax Court, and Comptroller of MD hearing compliance. As an adjunct prof...

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