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Your Tax Day Extension is Almost Up

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Sep 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

The 2018 filing deadline for most taxpayers was April 15, 2019. However, many taxpayers needed a little more time and filed for an extension. The extension allowed these individuals a little more time to get their taxes in order. However, that extended deadline is fast approaching and taxpayers w...

Is Your Notice From the IRS Real or a Scam?

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Aug 06, 2019 | 0 Comments

Scammers are using the threat of tax penalties or arrest to trick taxpayers by pretending to be from the IRS. There have been reports of telephone scams, email scams, and even fake letters. The problem for many taxpayers is that they may be unsure whether a notice from the Internal Revenue Servic...

Did You Report Your Bitcoin Earnings to the IRS?

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Aug 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

Many people have been making money on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This includes buying, selling, and trading digital currency, as well as mining Bitcoins. However, any income made from dealing in Bitcoins is not immune from taxation in the U.S. The IRS has sent letters to more than 10,000...

The Right to Confidentiality: Taxpayer Bill of Rights #8

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Oct 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

When dealing with the IRS, taxpayers have the right to confidentiality. As with all ten rights outlined in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the IRS is supposed to take these rights very seriously. Taxpayers should expect that any information they provide to the IRS will not be disclosed to outside p...

The Right to Privacy: Taxpayer Bill of Rights #7 

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Apr 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

The right to privacy is one of ten rights the Taxpayer Bill of Rights gives all taxpayers. Some details about what taxpayers can expect in regards to the right to privacy: The IRS cannot seize certain personal items, such as books, clothing and undelivered mail. The IRS cannot seize a perso...

The Right to Finality — Taxpayer Bill of Rights #6

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Mar 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

One of the basic rights from the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, that all taxpayers are entitled to when dealing with the IRS, is the right to finality.  Taxpayers that have been audited by the IRS or have other disputes are entitled to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.  For taxpayers who are in the proces...

Early Withdrawals from Retirement Plans

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Mar 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

Many taxpayers may need to take out money early from their Individual Retirement Account or retirement plan. Doing so, however, can trigger an additional tax on early withdrawals. They would owe this tax on top of other income tax they may have to pay. Here are a few key points to know: Early...

Are You Self-Employed?

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Mar 07, 2018 | 0 Comments

Many taxpayers these days are self-employed individuals. You are a self-employed person if you carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor or an independent contractor. This trade or business does not need to be a regular full time business, but could be in addition to your regular job.  T...

The Right to Challenge the IRS’s Position and Be Heard

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Mar 06, 2018 | 0 Comments

Taxpayers have the right to challenge the IRSs position and be heard. This is one of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which clearly outline the fundamental rights of every taxpayer. The IRS wants to make sure taxpayers know about their rights when dealing with the agency. Taxpayers have the right t...

The Right to Pay No More than the Correct Amount of Tax

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Feb 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

Taxpayers have the right to pay no more than the correct amount of tax they owe. This is one of ten basic rights known collectively as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Taxpayers are only required to pay the amount of tax legally due, including interest and penalties. These payments are expected to be...

Three Popular Tax Benefits Retroactively Renewed for 2017

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Feb 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

Three Popular Tax Benefits Retroactively Renewed for 2017; IRS Ready to Accept Returns Claiming These Benefits; e-file for Fastest Refunds The Internal Revenue Service said that it is ready to process tax year 2017 returns claiming three popular tax benefits recently renewed retroactively into l...

What to do When You Receive an IRS Notice?

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Feb 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

If youre facing an IRS Problem, appropriate action right away goes a long way towards resolving it! 1. Read the entire notice carefully. 2. Respond quickly to all IRS notices. If you received a certified notice from the IRS, then you MUST respond right away. Generally, a Final Notice of Intent...

5 Things about Exemptions in 2017

Posted by Juda Gabaie | Feb 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

5 Things About Exemptions in 2017Most taxpayers can claim one personal exemption for themselves and, if married, one for spouse. This helps reduce their taxable income on their 2017 tax return. They may also be able to claim an exemption for each of their dependents. Each exemption normally allow...

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